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“Students say the shows help them to confront issues like teenage pregnancy and drinking and driving in a non-threatening and straight-forward way.”

-Boston Globe


“One minute, the students couldn’t stop laughing at the actors’ antics, the next they were as compelling as they were funny.”

-The New York Times

“While the skit – performed at the Hillcrest Middle School – was funny at first, the audience soon learned the sobering message behind it.”

-Connecticut Post

“IET put the messages of family communication, handling peer pressure and bullying behavior and getting help front and center with a lot of laughs.”

-Tamara Trojanowski, M.H.S.A.


Stratford Community Services

“The group sensitively fit a potentially graphic discussion into language that would clearly educate and not offend.”

-David Tietje

First Congregrational Church

"Thank you one hundred million times for the excellent presentations you provided to our kids."

-Angela Matera, APRN

SBHC Trailblazers

Stamford Academy

“A really great performance...My daughter really enjoyed it and loved the way it was presented a credit to your effectiveness.”

-Carmen Chaparro, MS

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

City of Hartford

“You presented a serious message to our students in a both an educational and humorous way.”

-Loius Carta, MA

Community Health Educator

Middletown Health Dept.

“Thanks for an outstanding series of interactive thinking lessons--I heard many positives--a tribute to your delivery.”

-Dave Maloney

Ass't Executive Director

CT Association of Schools

"GREAT JOB TODAY, my students stopped me in the hall and said how GREAT it was and how they enjoyed it. Mr. Ceccolini said he has never seen the students really sit and want to watch the performance.Two former students working here said it was great and really enjoyed it and remember you doing it when they were students here."

                           - Eileen Pannese

                           Health Educator

  Jockey Hollow School, Monroe


Thank you THANK YOU guys for coming today.  As always, the kids loved it!  And so did we!


Some of our Central Office folks  happened to pass through today and thought your program was fantastic. 

Thank you again!

                             - Jennifer Laughlin
                           Administrative Intern
           Turn of River Middle School

Not only did the group render an excellent performance, but they had the attention of the students...totally.

           -Father Bill Sangiovanni

           Notre Dame High School

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